My name is Steve Swan. I have been following since the 1970s the machinations of those who would like to revoke the freedom for which our forebears fought and died and install themselves as despotic global rulers over us.

I have followed the machinations of the man long-thought to be the primary force behind a New World Order with wealthy, powerful people in control. That was David Rockefeller, grandson of oil and gas magnate John D. Rockefeller. (The Rockefeller fortune is thought to be the largest in history. However, David Rockefeller was never really identified as the world’s most powerful man by the mainstream media because the fortune he controlled was so widely dispersed.) Rockefeller died in 2017 at the age of 101, but the many globalist groups he pioneered and directed live on.

One of Rockefeller’s closest associates was Henry Kissinger, who is still alive and still active in politics. Kissinger made many trips to the White House when Donald Trump was president. Kissinger was Secretary of State to President Richard Nixon and was instrumental in opening relations with communist China.

Rockefeller and Kissinger were active leaders of the globalist Bilderberg Group. Rockefeller also established the Trilateral Commission in 1973, which was comprised of nations in North America, Western Europe, and Japan. Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter was very active in the Trilateral Commission when it was founded. Three years later, Jimmy Carter was president of the United States.

Rockefeller and Kissinger were also very active in the globalist group, the Council on Foreign Relations. Rockefeller was also a major proponent of the North American Free Trade Agreement (N.A.F.T.A.) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (G.A.T.T.) Former presidential candidate Ross Perot famously declared that if NAFTA was enacted in law, Americans would hear a “giant sucking sound” of American jobs moving to other countries.

Other globalist groups that are continuing Rockefeller’s dream of a New World Order with themselves in control include the World Economic Forum (often referred to as “Davos”) and the Council for National Policy,

My own personal claim to fame comes from the fact that immediately after 9/11 occurred in 2001, I widely disseminated my belief that Zionists in power in the United States and elsewhere had orchestrated it and blamed it on Muslims and Arabs as a pretext for the United States to greatly expand its military presence in the Middle East and to wage war on Israel’s enemies there. (To read a list of those Zionists in power at the time, click here.) (Note that both of my assertions came true.)

I was especially active in disseminating my belief at the end of December, 2001, three months after 9/11. Ten days later, my home and office were raided by federal agents and I was informed that I was the target of a federal criminal investigation into violations of the U.S. internal revenue laws. In 2003, I was indicted for trumped up internal revenue violations. In February of 2004, I was railroaded into a conviction and sentenced to nine (9) years in federal prison. You can read all about it at RailroadedOrNot.com. I have also published a book about my ordeal which you can purchase here.

Whether you agree with my thesis as to why 9/11 occurred or not, you should agree that one should not be railroaded into prison to stop him or her from exercising his or her right to freedom of expression.

The purpose of this website is to expose the incremental Revolution Against Freedom that has been occurring for much of the past century by those who seek dictatorial control of the whole world. In order to end the insidious quest of these heinous individuals and groups to enslave us, we must enlighten as many others about it. as possible. Please share this site with as many people as you can.

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